Popcorn for the Soul – Choose Love

LOVEDear Friends,

How are you doing? Are you getting all giddy just thinking about Valentine’s day or are you dreading it, and wish you could be teletransported to another planet for the duration of the afore mentioned holiday?

If you find yourself dreading it, and spending another Valentine’s alone, could it be that you’ve been riding the emotion of fear for a while? And before you answer, just take a moment to assess your everyday states… Fear sometimes is not the most obvious of emotions, and it can, through learnt behavioural patterns, express itself indirectly, underneath the façade, beneath the carefully chosen words, behind the veneer of coolness, and if you look deeper, you will see this big shadow of FEAR.

Now, I don’t want to appear that I am mindreading, but I can pretty much recognize fear in all its disguises. How? I’ve been there. I’ve experienced it. The heavy, lonely, uneasy, burdensome, feeling of something you can’t describe, yet you can feel with all your being…You know the feeling that comes uninvited, not always triggered by anything in particular, you ignore it for a while, by going for a drink with friends, indulge in a spot of shopping, or just bury yourself in the mountain of books, movies, or other tools of escape.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does… We’ve all been there at different stages in our lives. Some people reading this now are probably bathing in fear, unable to shake it off, stuck in the vortex of self pity, self-criticism, blame and shame.

And no matter what they read, hear, see, experience, the feeling of fear can be too strong to collapse and make way for its opposite to walk in… And its opposite is LOVE.

Love is the way

Fear is often the barrier. True love helps us remove the masks we fear taking off, in spite of knowing that we cannot live our lives behind them. The trick to becoming more loving is often mostly about dismantling the barriers to love. And realizing that those things that stop us from loving, the things we fear, that their threats are hollow.

But love is essential. Without love – what are you? It doesn’t matter that all the spiritual greats agree on this one – what matters is that you know it in your heart: All the things that are good in this world – they are void and empty shells without LOVE. Money – Power – Spirituality. What are they without love?

But it is easy to get lost if we happen to wander into the labyrinth of fear, in this state of overwhelming fear, we loose sight of who we are, we get into the shell of scarcity, we constrict, and close ourselves from the world. And from that state, we could only see what we surround ourselves with, with what we grow within: fear, lack, scarcity, constriction, emptiness, bleakness, loneliness….

And most people, while in this state, go in search of love, in search of higher, more noble, more fulfilling states…In vain…As searching from the state you’d rather avoid, will only get you more of what you don’t want. You see, looking for something, presupposes that you don’t have it…

You know how some people who are desperately trying to attract love actually repel it! In fact their desperation-pheromones guarantee that everyone who come close to them RUN away!

Breathe in love

So how about starting from the position and the state of power. And by power here I mean, LOVE, deep self love, love that you have, and that you may have forgotten that you have. Love you’ve put in the back drawer and forgot to use. Love that you deserve. Love that you were conceived with!

So what needs to happen in order for you to feel loved?

And before you start telling me it’s a man, a woman, a new car, a luxury holiday, a Theo Fennel ring, or Roxanda Ilincic’s this season’s to-die-for coat, think again.

Close your eyes, and put your hand on your heart. Breathe in and out, and on the in breath, breathe in all the love that is available, the love from the Source, the love that is waiting for you, breathe it in, and take it into every pore of your being, allow every single cell of your mind/body to bathe in it, and notice how you feel. Notice what happens to your thoughts, notice how you breathe…

And on the out-breath, breathe out love. Love the parts of yourself that need love. Love the barriers to love. Love other humans. There is no need to force anything here, don’t try to love anything that is contrary to your nature – just allow yourself to love with every out-breath.

Things are a lot easier to co-create from the state of LOVE, the space where we feel free. How do you feel, when you decide how you want to feel. Yes, you CAN decide how you want to feel at any given point in time.

Love is your choice

And you already know that you CAN choose your thoughts, you CAN choose to change whatever stands in the way of LOVE. Pure unadulterated you-wanna-wrap-yourself-in-it-and-never- leave LOVE. You know what I am talking about…That fizzy, can’t wait to share with the world type love. That’s the one I am talking about. Go for it, decide how you want to feel, and feel it. Or better yet, ALLOW yourself to feel it…all the time! Oh yeah…

From the state of LOVE, you naturally attract that what you want, as you become available to all there is, and all that is waiting for you to open and receive it! It’s silly though, as we are LOVE. We are that pure beautiful warm LOVE, that at a certain point in time, we forgot about it, and accepted the NOT-LOVE. Now, tables are turning, and we are remembering, who we are, where we came from, and most importantly how to stay here, in this garden of all encompassing LOVE.

And if you look around you…love is everywhere. Look with the loving eyes, and you’ll see love, look within you in your mind’s eye, and all you’ll see is love. All that’s in and around us, is conceived with love, and it just wants more of the same! Feed yourself love, and watch what happens. It’s a no brainer…Whatever you feed yourself with, you’ll crave more of that <3!

With this in mind, may we invite you to spend some time seeing the world through the eyes of LOVE. Drink coffee with LOVE, walk with LOVE, ride a bus with LOVE, do you job (whatever it is that you are currently doing) with LOVE, give yourself LOVE and allow yourself to receive LOVE. Or simply, be what you are – LOVE!

Wishing you a week of inner and outer LOVE,

Your loving NLP trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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