Popcorn for the Soul – Are you repeatedly creating you instead of new?

“You are so busy being YOU that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” —John Green

GreenDear Friend,

And so we came across this quote, and it intrigued us. Maybe because we tend to be bombarded by the ‘be you’, ‘be yourself’, yet very often that ‘you’ is not really you! We know it may sound confusing, but allow us to explain.

You see, from the moment we draw our first breath, we are taught how to be, think, feel. And if that is the case, how can we be ourselves?! Our authentic selves. The selves that our Soul and Spirit want us to be. That the powers greater than us want us to be.

We believe that we live in the world full of possibilities, and one of those possibilities is that we have a choice to be, think, and feel how we want. We have got the choice to create our own reality. Fully and completely. And if this is the case, how come, a growing number of people keep re-creating the same realities. The same lives that they go on complaining about. Being dissatisfied with.

Choose yourself now

What happened to possibilities? What happened to choices? Are they just a hip theoretical concept? Something to be discussed over dinner parties with friends, and acquaintances?

Being active observes of life and active participants in it, we notice that one of the main reasons why it is, for some people, difficult to truly be, to fully express themselves, to enjoy the possibilities on offer, is simple: most of them attempt to design and create their future drawing from the past, being in the past, thinking and feeling what they thought and felt in the past. And then they get angry and frustrated when the results end up being the same as in the past. What is fascinating is that present is not even present in this creation!

In co-creation, the presence of the present moment is a key ingredient! (Tweet it, honey)!

And naturally, if you keep creating from the past, with which you are not happy, where most of the programming responsible for your current situation is to be found, where patterns of behavior are deeply engraved in your unconscious, and where everything you are not satisfied with NOW is based; how can you get anything else but more of the same?!

It would be insane to hope for something bigger, better, brighter, when you use out of date ingredients to make a scrumptious cake! Of course it is going to taste vile! Of course it is going to be off! How else can it possibly taste?

Past dates my friend, are only good in history books! Remember this when co-creating your future. When you engage in some heavy duty future journeying!

Organize your environment

You see, our brain is organized in such a way to reflect our environment. And by environment here I take into consideration not just people you surround yourself with, but your habits, things you normally do, how you start your day every day, how you think, how you see the world around you, the number of I.Qs (intelligent questions) that your brain processes daily, etc. …

This is what feeds the brain, the mind, and ultimately what creates a change.  To think differently, to engage in different activities, to act greater than our own environment! To create new habits! To design new rituals, that can propel us and inspire us to change! To experience our own greatness, to design our future based on how we feel and act in the present moment!

In case you haven’t noticed, we live by habits! We are masters at by default living! How, you may ask? Here’s how – when we do something habitually, something that stunts our growth or something that doesn’t contribute to our growth, something we are no longer aware of, aware of how we are being, we become asleep. Cocooned in the ‘me-in-the-habit’ zone, where the illusion of change exists, and where in reality nothing happens! Where the new you is just a repetition of the old you!

If you are on auto-repeat, your future will be just the repetition of your past.  (Tweet it honey!)

Ask yourself, what activity do you do daily that changes you daily? That contributes to your change?  That evolves you! That helps you think, feel, be greater than your familiarity zone?! Consider this – if you read a book and remain unchanged after finishing it, you haven’t really accomplished much.

Are you using the same stories with new techniques;-), same excuses only packaged differently, do you appear wise, yet continue getting the same results?! Go, dig deeper, explore and let us know what you’ve discovered!

And remember, with every bolder step, you are getting closer to yourself. Your real self. The YOU that is destined to shine!

And in the spirit of the quote at the beginning of this text: stop busying yourself with being your habitual self, and start discovering and living as your unprecedented self! Start with creating new habits.

Have a creative week!

Sending you oceans of love,

Lidija & Thomas

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