Of Teachers and Preachers

“I am still learning.” – Michelangelo at age 87

michelangeloDear Friends,

So we witnessed it again…

An age old story…

A teacher, undoubtedly a very good and talented teacher, was among the participants at a seminar – presumably to learn something, but on the way something happens and the visiting teacher turns into a visiting preacher. And instead of listening and perhaps learn something new starts to debate with the teacher.

In this particular case it was also a bit tragic as the points debated were extremely peripheral to the central message that was being communicated. A tricky message to get granted – but it got a lot trickier to get when attention was drawn to the debated issues.

Now, being a teacher can be tricky. Some feel that they have a status to uphold. And get very edgy if anyone dares to talk about their area of expertise. Starting to have to prove that their point of view is the right point of view.

Displaying the lack of flexibility required to switch back and forth from being a teacher to being a learner.

Flexibility is the best teacher

The sad thing is of course that unless one happens to be an unusually perfect being with a perfect nervous system which magically transforms sensory input into >*The True Truth*< it is just a very naïve idea that one’s model of the world should actually be correct. And it has gone beyond the edge of stupidity if one thinks that one has nothing left to learn.

It is not uncommon with teachers who lack the flexibility to be learners. Sometimes they attract a following by being very alpha – something which goes hand in hand with already knowing everything best.

Maybe you, gentle reader, have witnessed similar scenes yourself, where teachers were talking down at you rather than talking with you. And unavoidably you have met quite a few people who with no requirement to be teachers or trainers have this urge to always be right.

Now the reason that we draw your attention to them is simply this. They exemplify, externally, what is often going on within us. When we listen to or are confronted with new material we are most of the time apt to quickly compare it with what we already know. This is a choice with consequences. The risk of learning nothing new is high.

With this in mind, may we invite you to, the next couple of times you are confronted with something you find goes in total opposition to your views, values and knowledge, to delay your judgment and thoroughly absorb the material first and truly do your best to understand it and extract everything of value from it that you can.

In the familiar recognize the new

To cultivate the Zen mind.

If you find that the material you are meeting is about a subject you already know a great deal about, pretend that you do not know anything about it and truly see it with fresh eyes; if you feel that you have heard it all before, listen to it with new ears.

And if all else fails imagine what it is like to hear and see the material for someone else in the audience.

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love.

Your learners and trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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