New Kid on the Block – How to use New Code NLP to take charge of your life

27How is New Code NLP different?This is a question people often ask. One of our seminar participants described it well:

“One of the things I really like about New Code NLP is that when it is done it is done. After the session the change has already occurred. I can just go on living and enjoy the effects of the change. – It is not like with other methods, where I have to figure things out, or have to attempt to remember how to apply things.”

In this article you will get access to three of the key components that make New Code NLP so powerful, practical and elegant. Three things that you can put to use in your own life immediately. They are:

  • Intention
  • State
  • Unconscious

If you spend a few moments thinking about it, it is fairly self evident how important these three factors are. Your intentions organise your actions. The quality of your state determines the quality of your experience. And the involvement of your unconscious is necessary to make changes elegant and ecological.

Let’s have a look at each of them in turn.


Consider this quote by former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I never went to a competition to compete; I went to win!”

It is easy to understand why his intention made such a huge difference. Imagine for a moment someone who goes to a bodybuilder competition just to compete. How will he prepare? How will he train? How will he act during the competition? He will go to the competition and maybe he will just “give it a shot” or maybe he will “do his best” – and then he will find out how well he did.

Compare that with someone like Schwarzenegger who has already made a decision to win! How will he prepare? He will figure out what it’s going to take – and then he will do what it takes! The goals he sets for his training, the way he trains, it will all be very different: he will make sure that he is better than the competition! – And he will have a much, much better chance of winning.

Let’s consider another example. Right now you are reading an article about New Code NLP. Maybe your intention is just to inform and entertain yourself. Perhaps to enjoy a few moments of escapism by daydreaming about how wonderful life can be – what you will do one day … hopefully … – and there is nothing wrong in that – there is nothing wrong with creating a delightful experience.

But let’s try with some other intentions. What happens if you approach reading this article with the intention to find out if it contains something that will have extraordinary value for your life? If you read it while you attempt to find out if this is the article that in five, ten, twenty years from now you will remember as a turning point in your life?

Notice how different your experience becomes when you think about reading this article with the intention to dramatically improve the quality of your life, with the intention to take it to the next level, with the intention of really learning and understanding as much as possible about New Code NLP in such a way that you can use it to get the results you want and desire.

This changes things, doesn’t it? Both in how and what you notice as you are reading, and in terms of what actions you will take in the future.

Whenever you create a change on the level of intention it will create a lot of behavioural changes. This is why it is so much more powerful to change intentions than behaviours.

And you can start using this right away. A lot of our intentions have passed their best before date – they may have been well chosen at one point in time, but no longer serve us. I mean – If your main intention is to goof off at work without the boss noticing, you are not very likely to finish your personal version of the Sistine chapel! 🙂 So it is a good idea to take a periodical inventory of the intentions that guide your everyday life. During the forthcoming days you may want to take stock of them – just notice the intentions behind your actions, notice what results they give you in your life, and if appropriate: change them!


Your state is also important. It determines both your experience and your performance. And you can easily verify this by thinking about your own experience. Some days are good days: you wake up, you feel good and you just get things done – and even if something bad happens it just slides off, like water off a goose’s feather.

Imagine having more of those days! Wouldn’t it be nice? Well, you can! – You see, most people think that states are something that just happens to them, as a result of other people, as a reaction to something outside of them. But the truth is that it’s easy to influence your state with precision. Let’s try a little experiment:

Start by noticing the state you are in right now, what would you call it? Notice what it feels like and how you are thinking. Also notice how you hold your body and your breathing – and how your posture and breath interweaves with and supports the state you are in.

Now interrupt that state gently – if you are alone you can shake your body, stomp your feet, clap your hands, move around a bit.

Now select a new state, one that you would like to start experiencing now. Select one that is useful both right now and in the future. This could for example be curiosity – you know that pleasant yet compelling sense of curiosity you experience when you absolutely must find out about something – this is a good state for learning. Or, another example, you can choose to experience motivation – you know that feeling when you simply want to do things and find yourself just doing them. Or it could be decisiveness – like when you make a decision that is good for you, and once you have made this decision you simply follow through.

Whichever of these states you choose, just spend a few moments with each of these questions: What is it like for a person to be in that state? How does a person breathe and sit in that state? When was the last time you felt that way? When have you experienced that state the strongest? If you already experienced that state right now, what would let you know that you were experiencing it? Adjust your body, so that you are in the position you are in when you are in that state, now! And adjust your breathing so that you breathe like you do when you are in that state!

Do you notice a difference? You betcha! Can you use this to improve your life? Of course you can!30

And there is so much more to be learnt about states. If you choose to study New Code NLP with us, you learn techniques that make your best states available exactly in the situations where you need them the most. And not only the best states you have experienced so far – you also learn how to create states that are more useful and fun than the ones you have already experienced. And of course this creates change at the level of behaviour – not the stiff conscious mind specified behavioural change – but the natural spontaneous change that comes out of being in a better state. We have games and processes that help you get access to a state of high performance and flow exactly in the situations where you need it. Just consider how many of your problems would simply disappear if you learn to approach them in a better state.


There are some things that your conscious mind is really good at. And there are a lot of things that your unconscious mind is better at. Blinking your eye when an insect is about to fly into it. Selecting words and putting them in the right order to finish a sentence. Falling in love. – To mention a few.

You probably have some experience in your life where you acted with the full support of your unconscious – where you got access to the abilities you have all the time but rarely use – and things were just flowing.

And you also have experience with the opposite. Situations where your conscious mind and your unconscious mind disagree … and the going ain’t very smooth. It’s like fighting an uphill battle … against yourself! This is exactly where people who use left brained, conscious mind based coaching methods tend to find themselves.

The thing is, our behaviours are driven by unconscious intentions. If we attempt to change without taking these intentions into account, of course we will end up fighting with ourselves. BUT by making sure that these unconscious intentions are met by the new alternatives we introduce in our lives we ensure that change is rapid, elegant AND lasting.

So New Code NLP has methods for establishing reliable and precise communication with the unconscious. And specifies the role it plays in each step of every process.

What we recommend you do, if you do not have any such training, is that you use the tools of State and Intent, to start building the foundation for cooperation with your unconscious. Simply spend a bit of time in a relaxed, open state with the intention to become more aware of the presence of your unconscious. Ask it for its support in a given task. And use your feelings as guide to whether it is willing to fully support you.


Why do intention, state and the unconscious play such a prominent part in New Code NLP?

Well, to sketch a quick background: NLP was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. They created it by modelling geniuses, people with unprecedented capability to create change. And they distilled these models into learnable processes.
This was a big deal. Suddenly we had a set of recipes for change. Recipes that were not based on some theory, but on what actually worked.

However many of the early practitioners simply didn’t get the same results as the originators. Why? Because the recipes didn’t include all the necessary ingredients and instructions – there were gaps in the first description – there was something missing in the Classic Code of NLP.

For example the unconscious. Sure, it was mentioned in the Classic Code, but its role was far too vaguely described, with the consequence that change often simply didn’t happen, was very superficial, or was a constant conscious struggle. Other things were missing as well – not just intention, state and unconscious – but space prohibits us from going through all of them here.
But when John Grinder, Judith Delozier and Carmen Bostic St. Clair created the New Code NLP they included what was missing in the Classic Code. So, for starters the New Code NLP is simply a better description of NLP – it is all that NLP was meant to be in the first place.

And then some! – Because New Code NLP also includes both the many significant developments and improvements that have happened in the field during the last 30 years and the most recent cutting edge techniques.


Of course what matters most is how good a method is. Each of us personally checked out the other major schools of NLP before we made decision to really pursue New Code NLP and eventually made it the core of what we teach in our seminars and trainings. It is not just reliably effective and elegant – is also a lot of fun to learn!

Apart from Serbia, we deliver trainings in Belgium, Sweden, UK and Macedonia, and from this year we are branching out to Florida and Portugal.

We are deeply devoted to making our participants’ training experience with us the best possible. Every year we spend several weeks with Dr. John Grinder, Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St. Clair – in order to partake in the latest developments within the field.

Momentum Strategies is the first and the only school in Serbia where you can learn both Classic and New Code NLP, and be certified by the ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy), where your practitioner certificate will bear our signatures and the signature of Dr. John Grinder. (This is the equivalent of studying physics and getting Isaac Newton’s name on your diploma!)


We have an Accelerated NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training coming up in Brussels in June and July and if you are interested and would like to join us, you can receive all the relevant information at


Lidija Markovic Rosati – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Psychological Counsellor.

Thomas Björge – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach and Designer of New Code Game ‘Arrows’, to be featured in Dr. John Grinder’s upcoming book.