MUST vs. must

Dear Friends,

This week was important for me on many levels. However, if I were to single out one thing, it would have to be a consultation I had with my trusted Dr. Isaac Jones of the Designers Health Centers fame. It was the shortest, and yet the most powerful consultation.
Mind you, all consultations have, so far (I am half way through a Detox plan) brought brilliant results, yet, like with anything else in life, if you want something better than outstanding, you gotta raise the bar!
And so I did!
This week I committed and stuck to a diet of eating highly alkaline raw food! I’ve contemplated it in the past, and yet, never got round to doing it.
This time it was different!
I decided why it was a MUST for me (note the capital letters), and with the support from my Unconscious, coupled with Dr. Jones’s in-depth research, I started this energizing, cleansing journey!

Capitalizing the difference

I’d like to point out the importance of the verb ‘must’ here! The difference is in the capital M! At some point in the past, we’ve all gone through and made decisions using the small ‘m’, with never ending preparations for the D-day!
The basic characteristic of the small ‘m’ is the fear of change and the belief that, if we ever get to reach the heights of the capital ‘M’, our lives will drastically change.
At the core of this fear of change lies the rigid mind and rigid ways of thinking and being. Achieving the capital ‘M’ doesn’t mean we will change beyond recognition; it only means that we will make a significant step forward in our internal growth!
Once you reach the heights of capital ‘M’, you will open more space for some other, new, exciting MUSTs.
I’d like to think that this week, with one capital ‘M’ I created a space for other new and exciting MUSTs.
Wishing you a Magnificent weekend and sending you oceans of love,

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