Making 2014 stellar! Part 4 of Your New Year’s resolution series.

Last week’s Popcorn for the Soul was the third in a series about making preparations ahead of making plans for 2014, and this one continues where that one left off …

”2014 was the year when I …”

2014 was the year when IDear Friends,

Imagine the next New Year’s eve, the one in a year, imagine being able to say “2014 was the year when I …” and to finish that sentence with a vivid description of how you found the inner strength to overcome previously challenging obstacles, how your life shifted gears to a whole new level, how you achieved and started living some of your most magnificent dreams!


It is a powerful word. Because when you truly imagine something good, no matter if it is an achievement, a pleasant experience, it is a bit like when you remember something, a bit as if you are actually having that experience right now, and creating a future memory. A memory which you can align your actions with, in order to actually experience it for real.

Basically your objective is very simple. You want to make a decision about your New Years promise which will result in a better future for you than you would have if you didn’t make the decision, than if you didn’t make the promise.

You want to be able to look back on the moments when you made that promise to yourself (remembering that in some traditions it is said that certain kinds of oaths are of the sort that once made they will inevitably be fulfilled), when you made that decision about the promise, and even look back at this very moment, while you are reading these words, and know that they were the starting points of making 2014 into one of the greatest years it could have become.

So, first, in order to make that happen you want to answer the Spice Girl question: “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!” Because that is what it all boils down to. What do you really, really want? Looking back on 2014 on the next New Years eve, what are the things you really, really, want to remember?

Secondly you want to have an idea about what needs to happen in order for you to enjoy your true desire. Think about it this way for a moment: if you could order a tailor made miracle for yourself which would occur on the 1st of January, what would you order?
What would make 2014 into the stellar year you deserve?
What if on the 1st of January you could just snap your fingers and invite a miraculous being – a being who would look just like you, but would IMMEDIATELY AND PERFECTLY start living your dream life, how would that being be? What qualities would it exhibit?

Thirdly, of course we are not suggesting that you should depend on a miracle, and of course the premise of a miraculous being living your life is flawed, because ONLY YOU can live your life. But that was never the point of the question, the point is to prompt you into considering Who would you be when you are that miraculous being that lives your life like you want! And what needs to happen in order for you to step into your dream life!
If you are familiar with the techniques for transforming your self concept, which  we teach in our seminars, now is a very a good time to use them 🙂 But if not, you already have plenty of skills and resources as a human being and know a great deal about what it takes to transform yourself into who you want and need to be.

Four. Now. Having pondered those questions for a while. And considered what you would love to have experienced and accomplished and been during 2014, imagine, once again that it is next year’s New Year’s eve and you look back, through all of your victories, accomplishments and very interesting experiences during the year, while steadily holding one thought in mind: what was the New Year’s resolution you made which actually made it happen?
Keep that question in mind – what was the New Year’s resolution which made all of it happen – while you look at this year’s New Year’s eve, from the future, through the lens of a 2014 filled with living, achieving and experiencing your dreams!

With this in mind, may we invite you to, on New Year’s eve, as the champagne goes POP! Actually make the promise that will make a difference to yourself, make that oath to yourself, resolve to make 2014 a much, much, more exciting and interesting and fun year.

We wish you a very happy and very new year!

Your happy new NLP trainers

Lidija & Thomas