Popcorn for the Soul – Let it Flow

Let it Flow

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get…

I saw this quote today in passing…And while this may be true, think about the amount of uncertainty this phrase carries with it. I see many people give in to the ‘flow and I don’t care what tomorrow brings and I live in the moment’ craze, and I see them struggle. Really struggle. Being in the moment and being in the flow and flowing in the right and desired direction, doesn’t happen just because you want it. It requires a structure, a deliberate practice, before it can flow.

I’ve been exploring this for quite some time…I can’t say that I have a definite answer, lol, but what I can say, based on my experience, is that even concepts like flow, in the now, being fully present, mindful, aware, require practice. But not just any odd practice. They require practice thought by an expert in the field, by someone who is already doing it, somebody who is living it, someone who leads by example. Not theoreticians, but doers!

I speak from my own experience here…Remember, I went through my personal transformation and in short 8 months transformed my body and mind – 44kgs lighter and a sharp and focused mind. 🙂

I’ve wasted a huge amount of time by thinking I can do it alone, from the book, from a video, from the comfort of my own home…So silly, and naive…I got the information, all right, but not the HOW and I definitely didn’t get much need WHAT to do with the said information! 🙂 Why?

Because when you stay in the comfort of what you know, and when you explore only that which is familiar, you don’t transform. You stay where you are, you repeat what you know, you don’t get any expert feedback whether you are doing it right or not, living in the illusion that something is moving, repeating the same old shabby phrase – ‘things take time…’

Sure they do, but would you rather do and practice something that takes time and takes you to where you want to get, or practice something that takes time and will leave you high and dry, with a realisation that you wasted your time! It’s your call!

So to make it easy on you, here is a little exercise, to help you get into the practice of FLOW, and that can be useful for when you feel like you are disconnected from the Source, that the FLOW is missing, or simply when you find yourself in a self destructive or self sabotaging repetitive cycle.

Find a quite place, take a few easy breaths, close your eyes, and go back to a time when you accomplished with ease…When all that was needed was you to show up. No effort, no elbowing, no pushing, no manipulating…Just pure effortless ease…

Look within, where in your body do you feel that ease…is it just in one place from which the energy flows and feeds your whole being with ease and lightness, or is it the case of you being showered with ease and lightness…? Either way…stay with it and notice how you breathe when you are accomplishing with ease, feel the lightness in your body, hear your heart beat in alignment… effortlessly, each beat carrying more flow, feeding your cells, your organs, your whole being with ease…

Ease into it, let it flow…Allow yourself to glow…Allow yourself to be…That is all the is needed right now…Stay in this flow however long you want…And when you are ready, open your eyes, and you may want to journal your experience…Remember, flow takes structure and regular practice…

Write down your insights, or simply how you are feeling this very moment…This will help you capture this beautiful state, to which you can always return, whenever you feel you may be out of the flow…

Enjoy it and remember to hustle gently!

Here’s to a life of flow and ease!

Love big,