Global Woman Summit – Tirana, Albania

[Youtube video] Global Woman Summit – Tirana, Albania

Good things come to those who wait. Outstanding things come to those who work on themselves while waiting.

So this Goddess, i.e. me, is invited to speak at the Global Woman Summit in Tirana, Albania, happening this weekend!

I am honoured and privileged to share a stage with other serious game changers, visionaries, women entrepreneurs, goddesses who fully stepped into their power and are living their best dream.

You see, we live in interesting times where we have a unique opportunity to influence and change and build a momentum to create the world that future generations of female leaders will be inspired by.

Over 300 women entrepreneurs from around the globe are gathering to make a difference, and be the force for good! United in the same purpose and vision – to empower, to contribute and to transform!

I am humbled and beyond grateful to belong to such an elite group of women!

My intention for sharing this post is to, let’s be honest here, brag a bit 🙂, but also to show that a new paradigm for empowering women is happening.

More than ever we need each other to grow, to evolve to thrive. We are being asked to take the masks off, to reach out to one another and to support one another in making our vision a reality.

So my darlings, lay down the weapons of competition, comparison, jealousy, keep just the right amount of Yang energy, as we need a bit of Mars here and there, and fully rock your Shakti Goddess vibe!

Sending you oodles of love,

Chief Goddess at Momentum