Expansion vs. Constriction

Yesterday I send an email, content of which was, to some people, confusing :-)! Given that my natural state is that of curiosity and playfulness, two of the best states for learning, I am attaching the email again (see end of this note);-) and sincerely hope you’ll give it a couple of seconds of your time;-)!

Anyway, having read some to the emails, I couldn’t help but notice how those emails and responses I got in them matched the mental make up of people who sent them;-)!

I, on purpose chose to send it to a wide and different spectrum of people from my distribution list, as I was curious to see what responses I’ll get!

Sure enough, they were different, and yet they proved how we deal with things that are not linear and familiar to us.

People who predominantly used their left brain (logical), were quick to brush off the email and said that a virus might have entered the message I sent and that the message was therefore corrupt, and I should seek to fix my computer; that the message didn’t make any sense, and the font I use might not be compatible with the email format I use…

Interestingly enough, the predominantly right brain (creative) users understood the email straight away and 98% of them replied to me using the same format in which I sent the email. This was also the case with those who use both parts of the brain in relatively equal measures; and also the response of those who regularly meditate and whose brains work more or less as a whole;-)! The above responses were only some of the many I got, and they got me thinking…

Use what you have

If we only rely on one part of the brain, no matter how well it serves us, inevitably it will constrict our expansion in more ways than one, and we will continue to get the same results. Even if those results are good, great, magnificent, please know, that deep within us, we have potential to go higher!

Because if we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we always got, and we’ll always be where we’ve always been and you’ll agree that there isn’t much progress and expansion in this way of thinking and doing.

And so I wonder, if we want to expand our vision, talents, potential, lives, can we afford to be selective and do only that which is within our comfort zone, that which we are familiar with?!

I believe that life begins at the end of our comfort zone, so once you get something you are not familiar with, decide not to push it away, and rationalize why it is ‘wrong’, ‘useless’, ‘confusing’…

Instead, embrace it, give yourself a task to tackle it, to look it at from a different angle, from an angle you’ve never dared to look at it before, as true progress and expansion happen exactly at the point when we abandon the old, stagnant, constricting, safe patterns of thinking and doing, and embrace the new, dynamic, expansive and different ways.

On that note, may I invite you to consider the email below, and approach it with fresh eyes and from a different angle;-)!

Have an unusually different weekend!

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