Dear friends,

And so with the festive season over, and an even more beautiful season looming ahead of us, I find myself in the company of dear friends discussing the difference between those people who have it, and those who don’t! Faith, believing in yourself, listening to your gut feeling, seem to be the order of the day!

Everything appears to be down to attitude, down to the internal dialogue, mental chatter. And the question inevitably arises, as to how to make them work for you? How do you engage them to help you reach your goal, live your dream, have fulfilling relationships…?

The vital ingrediant

Because, let’s face it, the mind never sleeps, however if we teach it how to, even for a few minutes during the day, calm down and ask it to work with us, we CAN have everything we set our mind to.

Even when we know WHY that goal is a MUST for us, and even when HOW has taken care of itself;-), there’s still one vital ingredient missing: DISCIPLINE – the habit of regular practice!

And until WHY and HOW haven’t been introduced to DISCIPLINE, our goals will remain distant, our resolutions will have a short shelf life, and the mental chatter will become louder once again!

With this in mind, my friends and I decided to make DISCIPLINE our chief ally for 2012.

Sending you oceans of love,


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