Do you like it or are you dreading it?

24Is December your friend of your foe?

And here we are, at the doorway of THE month!

Come on be honest…How much have you been waiting for this December, where miraculously everything you always wanted was going to manifest… It is the end of the year, after all, so why not? That’s when all wishes, desires, plans, happen! Didn’t you promise the impossible to yourself, this time last year?

Remember what happened when spurred by the craze that is December, and all things festive, carried on wings of infinite possibilities, you sat and wrote down what will happen this year…What will have to go, and what will have to come in.

Remember the special notebook you bought for yourself to journal your goals and progress? Remember that giddy effervescent feeling where nothing else mattered but you and your dreams?

Ahhh, beautiful December and you with your careless abandon and feeling that you can do everything you set your mind to! And you can! Oh, yes you can my dears…And some of you have done that and more…And if this year has been the benchmark for all the years to follow, well done! Give yourself a Hi5 and keep thriving, but for those who are still where they were this time last year, stick feeling stuck I’d like you to consider few things.

Be your own muse

How inspired are you with what you ‘promised’ yourself last December, or at the beginning of this year?

If you are not inspired by your dream goal, than forget it!

You see, many people set goals that have nothing to with them nor their values. They tend to be goal setters by default…Everyone is doing it, so I should do it to. Nothing wrong with that…But let’s consider this for a second: how can you achieve anything if you are not inspired by it, and how can you be enthusiastic about something that you didn’t choose, and that was pushed onto you?

You see, many people get caught in the mass hype that is personal development and high achievers club, they get drunk on instant and quick fixes, thus forgetting about two very important things: alignment and values!

They get sidetracked by shining pennies in the shape of techniques, potions, laws of attraction, and forget about building themselves. Nothing can be achieved by hopping from one modality to the next, by investing in superficial quick fixes. They forget what they stand for, and whether that next craze they are going to embark on is in alignment with who they are.

You can add and build and expect great crops, only if the soil is fertile…sadly, many people plant great seeds on the soil full of weed.

My friends, dreams are achieved by digging out the weed, by removing everything that stands in the way of real growth, by building character, by continuously working with oneself, by continuously digging deeper. And these things take time…a long time…a quality time!

Time and the high vibe tribe

And it is when we apply ourselves fully, that we get to see the results. Real results!

Not overnight, but over time. And sometimes, to an untrained eye, it may look like that those people who get results are just plain lucky! Yet, those who appear to be lucky, continuously apply themselves on a deep level, while others are busying themselves with superficial quick fixes that come in beautiful packaging ;-)!

And to avoid being tricked by beautiful packing that sounds good and feels nice, it helps to have a supporting tribe! A high vibe tribe! A tribe that will remove the illusion, take off the mask and tell it like it is. A tribe that will hold you to your highest standards, a tribe that will have your best interests at heart. A tribe that will push you when you stall, a tribe that will inspire you and a tribe that you will inspire!

So now, when you start thinking about where you’d like to be this time next year, think about what inspires you, think about how aligned you are with your values, and look around you…who is your peer group. Who is in it? Who is your High Vibe Tribe?

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Your inspired, aligned and high vibe tribe creating trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

Lidija Marković Rosati – International NLP Trainer, Master Coach, Psychological Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

Thomas Björge – International NLP Trainer, Master Coach and Hypnotherapist