Depth vs. Surface

There are many situations in life where people are  acting ‘by default’, and in many cases that ‘by default’ behaviour can be beneficial to all those involved in ‘by default’ interactions.

For instance, we’ve all been in situations where we said what we thought the other person wanted to hear. There is nothing wrong with that, I hear you say! However, I can’t help but ask myself  whether that kind of behaviour impacts our growth, our development, and whether those petty benefits we get from saying what is expected from us, distance us from something more important and deeper within ourselves?!

Guided by values

I believe that the answer to this question depends on what we value most in our lives.

If depth, growth, expansion is something we aim for, we are of course, going to stay clear from the above mentioned petty benefits. For, if we nurture ‘by default’ behaviour we will inevitably create ‘by default’ relationships and ‘by default’ character, and will be growing apart from our core, our essence, away from what we really are and what we really stand for.

‘By default’ behaviour dances on the surface and uses well rehearsed and easy steps! It is afraid of digging deep, and looking for a more challenging choreography, that will take it to the depths of Being, of Self!

With this in mind, I am looking forward to a weekend, and beyond, of everything, but ‘by default’ behaviour!

Sending you oceans of love!

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