Climbing in the Now

jewishAnd so it was the summer like no other…

Workshops, training seminars, talks, writing, travelling, going to places we’ve never been before, meeting amazing people, and really living in the moment.

I am sure that most of you have experienced time in your lives where you really were just there in the moment, in the now. When no future, nor past existed, where all you had was this one moment…

The present now

And it is precisely in learning to live in it, as I have been learning and practicing to do for a while now, that some unexpected things happen…In the last part of what was to be my summer vacation, last Tuesday, to be more precise, I got the call…The call we all dread…My dad was being taken to hospital…He was loosing consciousness…Coming in and out of it…

I will always remember where I was, what I did, who passed by me while I was having a conversation with a friend who called me to give me the news…

It is one of those NOW moments. You remember everything, you notice everything…People, voices, the sound of the waves gently caressing the shore…Minute details…

So I had to do everything in the NOW – pack quickly, arrange to leave the following morning, rearrange my post-holiday work engagements…All the things that I planned in the NOW for some NOW moment in the future!

Plan for the unplanned

And while I was packing, I couldn’t help by hearing my grandmother’s voice reminding me time and again, about a Jewish proverb – God is laughing while you are making plans!

True that! Very true!

While travelling back to Serbia, another phone call ensued, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour! As if he didn’t go through enough…. Again, things had to be changed, plans adjusted, planes cancelled and re-booked. It was a tough experience, one in which I couldn’t stop observing myself…

Everything I did, every conversation I had was in the now…. There was no room for long-term planning.

And it seemed that practicing the art of living in the now by choice was selective, and a little luxury we allow ourselves to do, and kid ourselves with…Until we are put on the spot where circumstances require from us to live in the now, and employ and apply all the learnings, all the experiences, all the techniques and tricks we now…

So practicing the power of living in the now by choice and circumstance, lead Thomas and myself to climb the O2 arena in London last night! It was a charity climb, the one we are involved with  – London Christmas Basket Brigade – raising funds to help those less fortunate…However, we decided to also devote this climb to all those who wanted to climb it, but couldn’t, they were bed bound, wheelchair bound, dependent on crutches, and other aids! We devoted it to all those who love life, who embrace it with their whole being, and in the hours awaiting invasive operations – my Dad – can smile and say, it will be ok, and next year we’ll climb it together!

With this in mind my dear Friends, we wish you a wonderful week, a week of yesterday, a week of now and a week of tomorrow!

Live, love and keep climbing!

Sending you oceans of love,

Your past, present and future trainers,
Lidija and Thomas

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