Choices, choices, choices…

Choices, choices, choices…

These past few days, I’ve been thinking about choices – those we make, those that are offered to us and those that, on the surface, fall under neither of these two categories;-)!

Almost everywhere we go nowadays, we are met by gazillion of choices-coffee shops (latte, frappuccino, de-caff short, extra foam easy-on-the-caffeine- soya latte), crisps (no salt, sea salt & balsamic vinegar, sweet’n’sour), the choices are endless and equally bizzarre. It seems as if, nothing can be simple anymore-no simple choices that once used to bring a look of utter and sheer joy to our faces. I get a feeling that once things started to make us happy, we chose to jazz them up, to experiment, make them complicated, only to satisfy the good old ego.

I’d like to clarify something here…I am all for experimenting, for trying out new things, for looking beyond, and I absolutely propagate a ‘what if’ and ‘how about’ attitude, however, the buck stops when we, in our quest to satisfy the ‘almighty self proclaimed master’ ego, create choices that have very little to do with simplifying and making our lives easier.

Intention drives attention

Without a clear intention at the onset, it stops being about experimenting, and the outcome can then be absolutely anything. And if at the outset of our creation there’s no clarity as to why we want (to create) something, anything can happen…And it is precisely this ‘anything’ that I’d like to explore, as I feel it might be the very thing that, if avoided, can improve the quality of our lives and help us make better choices.

So, given that choices that are always available to us, and given the fact that they are more often than not, clearly defined to us, how on earth do some people complain about the lack of choices available to them and also about making the wrong ones?! 

What could be the driving force behind this attitude?!

I’ve thought long and hard about this, and the two things that keep coming up are Intention and Fear or the lack of the former and abundance of the latter!

The state is was matters

If we go about making important life choices, like they don’t matter, without a clear intention as to what we expect and what the higher purpose and the outcome behind our choosing is, we are inevitably going to be disappointed and complain that life has served us lemons…It would not occur to us, that we could use those lemons to make a lemonade;-)! Oh no, that would appear too easy, too simple and there will be no room for complaining!!! Instead, we would allow our fears to come up and lead the way! With intention absent, fear can do what it does best-it can paralyze us and cripple our choice making process! Why does it do that, one may ask?!

Well, it’s simple! We allow it! Because most of our choices are made in the moment of fear and loaded with lower, fear based emotions. When choices are made under these kinds of circumstances, the lack of intention is apparent, as is the lack of grounding. 

These two, are some of the most important factors that influence our decisions, and subsequently, our choices.

On the basis of this, I’d like to invite you to think of the times when you were faced with choices and made the right/wrong ones! What state were you in, was there a clear intention, were you grounded, how did the choices you made then, affect your life now!

Remember that our lives are defined by the decisions and choices we make!

Choose wisely and have a weekend of your choice!

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