Are you prepared to follow you?

Dear friends,It has been interesting few weeks! Rome, Rimini, London, Belgrade, Nis, Planet Earth…

So many interesting, inspiring, people, brave people, people who defy the odds, people who set new standards and move things forward, people with a vision for the society and for themselves, giving people, loving people, people with a clear idea why there are here and what their mission is! And exactly this very thing about mission and the perennial question of how can one make a difference has been circling around, and my Unconscious couldn’t help but notice it, as it has come up in conversations way too many times;-)!

So here goes…Just over a week ago, a dear friend called me, and asked me if I wanted to come along to Eve Branson’s book launch! For those of you not reading daily papers, and I don’t blame you;-), Eve Branson is Sir Richard Branson’s mother, the very same lady who Kate Winslet saved from the fire that caught Richard’s Necker Island villa this summer! Sure, I responded, and went along!

An inspiring influence

We arrived in plenty of time for the drinks, nibbles and a chit chat, and what caught my attention was Eve’s spontaneity, openness, curiosity and cheekiness. True, it was a family affair, with sons, daughters, grandchildren, to whom her book was dedicated, young European royals with their children, and in such circumstances one can be nothing else, but spontaneous, open, cheeky…The difference though, is that Eve has lived her whole life being herself. Speaking with her, was like taking a trip down memory lane, and listening to her adventures, was something else! The woman has guts! Courageous, bold, decisive, not taking no for an answer type woman…She learned to fly a plane at a very early age, and what influence was she to her young children…Sir Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin airlines.

It is obvious that she was prepared to follow herself from a very early age. Unafraid, resolute, present and aware, she boldly went where few have even dared dream about! And guess what?! She got the results. She lived and is still living a very full life. And it just goes to show, that if you follow your gut instinct, if you are prepared to follow you, you can get far, very far! One key ingredient though is do it yourself, and don’t expect others to dream your dreams! They can’t! You can’t be a good lawyer, doctor, economist, if your heart isn’t at it, if you struggle and if others help you get your grades. It is wrong, unethical, and you are not being true to yourself. You are not following you!

So this weekend, I invite you to take a moment and jot down what it would take to follow you, and experience, even just for a short period, the bliss of being, breathing, enjoying, studying, YOU! Yes YOU!

Have a great weekend, and remember, that everything is an example of something!

Sending you oceans of love,

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