Are you at the top yet?! Or How to climb a mountain!

Dear Friends,
We know that you, being avid supporters and practitioners of NLP, Coaching and all things that relate to personal development, have done at least one thing in your life that went beyond your everyday limits! We can also safely assume that you have even gone beyond the borders of your habits just for fun, right?!
“If you cannot understand that there’s something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won’t see why we go” ~ George Mallory

To climb or not to climb

Last week we went hiking in the Carpathians and decided to climb the mountain Rtanj. The mountain is probably considered an easy climb among skilled mountaineers. You can walk straight to the top. No extra equipment is really necessary. At the same time it is demanding enough that quite a few of those who set out to reach the top decide to save it for another day…

And this is precisely what got us thinking, and inspired us to write this week’s note. The fact that sometimes it looks easy to get to the top and it may also seem that no special equipment is necessary. Also, the fact that we seem to be inundated with ‘positive’ messages that tell us that everything we need is within us, and we have all resources available to get us to the top.
This may be the case…however, there are very few real, concrete steps offered as to how to get to these resources, and what is that that we have with us that can get us to the top, to where our dreams await to turn into reality!

The mountain as a metaphor for life

You see, climbing a mountain is akin to climbing the ladder of life…Small steps…Progress…Looking back… Gauging as to how far we’ve gone…Going further…Finding the inner strength to continue…Seeing the top…Feeling excited…Proud…And then, sometimes with some people, that looking back to see how much progress we’ve made, and distance we’ve covered, can be enough to make them take their hiking shoes off, make a cup of tea, safe in the knowledge that the mountain will not move, and they can do it another day:-)!
There are other scenarios, the ones, where they say: Jeez, this is easy, I can do this…They’ve get two thirds up, and they quit…They invest so much energy, effort, resources into those two thirds, that continuing the climb seems so pointless…
Has that ever happened to you? To invest a lot of you into something, get almost to the top, and decide to descend…for whatever reason…If it hasn’t, it will:-)! We learn so much from these situations…That once we pick up the learnings, all we want to do is climb higher:-)

It is better to climb than to quit

I had a similar experience when I first went wall climbing. I was two thirds up, and the internal voice started nagging, cheering me on, reversely: ‘…you know you can do it, start descending, you’ve got a lot of work waiting, this is not a kind of sport you should take up, etc…’ I wanted to quit, and was very near to doing so, yet, the power of a peer group and an awesome team, made sure I stayed put and continue the climb…And boy was I grateful for that! It was one of those breakthrough moments in life, where in a short space of time you learn a lot about yourself, and about how you tackle life and everything it offers.

You have what it takes

We are a sea of resources, we have everything we need to get to the top, any top, no matter how high, what most people lack is resourcefulness! And that is what is lacking when we hear/read about ‘positive’ messages! Resourcefulness is one of the key factors required to get you to the top!
Looking for something that you already have, requires you to know where to look. What is the point of having all the resources if you are not resourceful enough to know where to go and look:-)!
With this in mind, may we invite you to start looking though your rich memory file of all the situations where you were resourceful, where you even surprised yourself, where you reached using your resources without even being aware of what you were doing…Once you find those moments, experience them as if they are happening now, bring them to the front of your mind, and you’ll find that resourcefulness is what led you to the top, and the resources were just your biggest supporters!
Let all those mountain tops you have already climbed in your life be your new starting point. You already know that you have a lot available when you reach deep inside for your inner strength. So … make a decision to make it a habit. And let’s meet at the top.
Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,
Your climbing-the-ladder-two-steps-at-the-time trainers,
Lidija and Thomas

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