Popcorn for the Soul – Time to Explore and Evolve

brussels waffleDear Friends,

Greetings from Brussels, the Capital of Europe, where, for the first time ever, ITA Accredited NLP Practitioner is being delivered (Master Prac to follow next week 🙂 )…And guess who is delivering these trainings?! Yes, you’ve guessed it right –  yours truly 🙂 !

We, at Momentum Strategies, pride ourselves to be trailblazers, explorers, discoverers of new and empowering ways to share knowledge and skills. It is such a privilege to witness the day to day transformations of our participants, to be present where the circle of trust and commitment to evolve is taking place. We see this phenomenon regularly and are always in awe, amazement and appreciation of those who decide and commit…In spite of everything…

There is something refreshing in seeing people moving very gracefully and elegantly, leaving old limiting ways of thinking behind, and embracing new ways of being into this world. They commit, like we have many Moons ago, to learn, apply, embody all that is great about personal change. Leaving stories, past, present, excuses behind and stepping bravely into the vast, yet unexplored mind body territory.

And it is precisely this curiosity, this zest for learning, this childlike innocence, but not naivety, that inspired us to write this weekly note.

Freedom of “not knowing”

You see, allowing yourself to “not know” every so often, is a great way to open yourself, your mind body, to life!

Knowledge is power. But thinking that one knows something can also be a trap. Saying to oneself: “I already know this” and thus closing oneself off to new learnings. We are sure you have noticed how some people are stuck in their beliefs about the truth – spending most of their time justifying their beliefs, both to themselves and to innocent bystanders – and only intensifying their efforts when evidence to the contrary appears.

Convictions cause convicts.

Now, if we are just a little bit honest with ourselves, we are able to acknowledge that we have been wrong many times in the past. Even many times when we thought that we “knew” something. An interesting question to ponder is this: can you find a difference between the times in the past when you just thought that you “knew” something and the times when you actually knew something?

If  you can’t, then you now know that you don’t really know what you think you know now!

Don’t worry about it – Sometimes it is better to be wrong than to be in doubt. But acknowledging that you may be wrong certainly makes it easier to allow yourself to “not know” on a regular basis.

By doing so, you are in a perpetual learning, discovering, flow…In tune and alignment with all that is constant and all that is changing and evolving within you and around you…

And isn’t it an old wisdom that says:

When you change, the world changes!

So here it is…

If you want to experience life on a higher level, be empowered, learn the art of self-acceptance decide to commit to constantly evolving. Commit to curiosity! Commit to learning!

With this in mind, may we invite you to start your personal trail blazing adventure, by opening up to new learnings, to new ways of being you. To new ways of loving you!

We wish you a WONDERful week and sending you oceans of waffle scented love!

Yours in-perpetual-evolution trainers,

Lidija  & Thomas

Upcoming NLP trainings in Brussels and USA

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Lidija Markovic Rosati – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Psychological Counsellor.

Thomas Björge – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach and Designer of New Code Game ‘Arrows’, to be featured in Dr. John Grinder’s upcoming book.