The greatest significance from this workshop for me was the possibility of stepping out of your frame of comfort. As Lidija said it: “Dance the tango even though you don’t know the steps.”


For me the most important was to be reminded to awaken the child within and to let it live, rejoice, and even cry. To recognize the patterns of my life and to start liberating myself from them, to step out … Continued


The closing meditation was definitely amazing. after that I feel completely refreshed. Of course, the speech itself has motivated me to continue bravely with my life and has thought me that with motivation I can overcome all obstacles.


This workshop reminded me not to forget that I’m alive. That the world is unpredictable and something beautiful can happen if we dive into it. To be happy, to hug more often, to laugh about myself and about life. I’m … Continued


We are expecting an interesting weekend definitely! Given that this is the last module, I want to tell you that during these NLP workshops I’ve learned “weapons” that I can use whenever I need them, I discovered things within myself … Continued


Dear Lidija and dear Thomas, First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to participate your training. I’ve had a very turbulent period in my life these months. Now I can freely say … Continued


Dear Mrs. Lidija and Sir Tomas, Reading your texts on BG Online and listening to you at the Mental Hygiene lecture, I have learned more than when I went to see few psychologists several times for over an hour each … Continued


Lidija and Thomas are simply fantastic NLP coaches! I followed the NLP practicioner training they offered in Brussels in July 2015, and this was a big eye-opening experience. What made this training so special was Lidija’s and Thomas extraordinary passion … Continued


I had the opportunity to meet Lidija at our graduate neurostrategies Master / NLP training in Portland, Oregon in 2008. More than a friend she become one of my pear group role models. Intelligent, available, connected, with great knowledge in … Continued


Veoma kreativne i stimulativne radionice. Podstaklo da se zamislim… da zastanem…da vratim mene. Mene kada sam pripadala sebi ali obogaćena i bolja.