In this two-day programme, you will learn how to deliver engaging presentations and get rid of the anxiety and sometimes outright phobia that is usually attached to Public Speaking.

Furthermore, you will get access to rare non-verbal communication skills that will make your presentations impactful.

You will also learn the 3-Dimensional Communication System, which will provide you with a clear ‘step by step’ guide to powerful communication in a variety of situations, like public speaking, video presenting and one to one encounters.

If you are committed to becoming a presenter with the edge and want to stand out from the crowd, then this course is for you.


• Minimizing stage fright, nerves, butterflies
• Tools to help you prepare to be in an optimum state for presenting/public speaking
• State management and State choice for presenters
• Taking and incorporating feedback. Usefully
• Answering difficult questions
• Identifying the informal leaders – knowing to whom in the audience you should direct your message
• Using physiology to strengthen your message

Non-Verbal Communication

• Building Rapport with audience
• How to engage an audience non-verbally
• Captivating and maintaining the attention of the audience – nonverbally
• Calibration skills and Sensory acuity
• Presenting under challenging circumstances
• Overcome performance anxiety
• A simple format for the unprepared – a 2-minute presentation

Language of Influence and Leadership

• Using tonality to strengthen your message
• Influential language patterns
• How to gauge the audience reactions so you can change your presentation midsentence. Only 1-2% of presenters are capable of doing this

The 3-Dimensional Communication System

The 3-Dimensional Communication System lays out a simple to follow ‘step by step’ guide to achieving effective, engaging and powerful communication.

• Aligned communication
• Empathy
• Energy & Enthusiasm
• Confidence & Charisma
• Making an impact
• Inspiring and Persuasive communication

Presentation techniques:

Once understood the 3 D communication system can be used in a variety of situations from public speaking, video presenting or one to one encounters by simply adapting to the correct technique.

Public Speaking:

1: Stage craft
2: Eyes
3: Audience engagement
4: Stage Craft
5: Mistakes
6: Using notes/aid memoirs


1: Holding the frame
2: Eye lines
3: Audience engagement
4: Up on Three
5: Mental ladders/agendas
6: Teleprompter

One to One:

1: Energy
2: Eye contact
3: Matching
4: Control/leading
5: Questions
6: ABC Techniques

With expert tuition and guidance and by using precise technique control we can develop powerful communication in a surprisingly short space of time.