Brussels – 17.6–18.6.2017

This course has been specifically designed for parents and would be parents, and all those who wish to learn how to apply NLP techniques and processes to working with children and how to become more effective communicators when dealing with children– teachers, nursery and kindergarten teachers, therapists, medical professionals, psychologists, social workers.

This is a two-day weekend course. All participants will receive a  Certificate of Attendance.

Topics covered during a two-day training:

  • Language patterns
  • Effective communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Concentrate better
  • Better memory
  • Learning Challenges and Accelerated learning techniques
  • State management and state choice
  • Map is not the territory
  • Stepping into the child’s shoes
  • Anchoring kids
  • Self-assuredness
  • Circle of excellence
  • Modeling
  • Use of Metaphors
  • New Code Games
  • Feedback and how to give feedback to kids
  • Strategies on how to praise a kid
  • VAK
  • Phobias and Traumas (bed wetting)
  • Bullying

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