The NLP New Code Certification Course is a five day course with only one focus: New Code. It is perfect if you are already an NLP practitioner, because you can now acquire the skills of and become a New Code NLP Practitioner without having to attend an entire New Code NLP practitioner. If you are familiar with NLP you know that the classic code of NLP revolutionized the field of human change. However, there were still flaws in the description – some of the critical elements which the early masters of NLP used were not explicitly taught to their students. New Code NLP, not only filled in these gaps, but also streamlined NLP. The formats of New Code NLP are elegant and ecological, simple and effective. They contain no superfluous steps. This makes them rapid and easy to learn and apply. A common response from people who have learned New Code is: “When you have the New Code - why would you even bother to use that Classic Code stuff?” We do not agree with this assessment. The Classic Code material is still very worthwhile – yet it would be insane to limit yourself to it, when the more elegant and effective New Code exists. What you will learn:
  • The New Code change format. The simple sequence with which you transform any context of your life.
  • New Code Games. Specific techniques to enter high performance states.
  • How to design your own New Code Games.
  • Natural anchors to re-access the high performance states.
  • Super simple formats for precise, efficient and reliable communication.
  • Content free and even secret coaching, so you will be able to help people change without having to reveal their secrets.
  • Direct communication with your Unconscious, to change your behavior, improve your emotional state and enhance your physiology.
  • Getting Rapport through state.
  • To understand a situation from another person’s point of view/hearing/feeling.
  • To improve your ability to handle feedback and notice how your behavior impacts your environment.
  • How to improve a classic code format.
The New Code NLP Certification Course is a 5-day course. If you are already an NLP practitioner, you will be awarded a New Code NLP Practitioner Certificate upon successful completion of the exam. The certificate is issued by the ITA and in addition to the signatures of your trainers it carries the signatures of Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. Given the fact that we deliver trainings across Europe, prices may vary. To get more information, contact us at: