Momentum Method™ – The Gentle Art of Transformation

Tools for Weightloss, Confidence and The Life of your Dreams.

Brussels – 22.6 – 25.6.2017

Momentum Method™ is a 4-day programme that is holistically inspired, mindfully created and aligned with your highest intentions. It is different from other offerings, as it is based on years of implementing, experimenting and trying out what works and gives sustainable and long term results.

Momentum Method™ is not only about self-improvement, it is about learning to accept yourself, dig deep, uncover your potential, your hidden strengths, your inner support network, your internal GPS. It is about learning how to be your own guide, with your own power multiplied. It is about learning how to use challenges as detours, and not as the end of a journey. It is about growing through with what you are going through. It is about being willing to lose what no longer works and embracing what does.

Much is gained when you learn the inner game of you: confidence, healthy radiant body, open and flexible mindset, ability to be focused on and follow through on your intentions, ability to communicate authentically and with integrity. It is about transformation that is rooted in effortless ease and grace – the gentle art of transformation.

The method is designed for entrepreneurs with Soul, for those who want to hustle with ease and grace, for people who know and feel that this is their time and the need to step up and out of the box and crowd is bigger than ever, for those who believe they have what it takes to be a game changer, pattern disruptor, innovative unconventional thinker. For those who want to accomplish stuff, live life fully, with integrity and authenticity.

Whether you are a baby boomer, millennial or Generation Z, this method is for you!

When we created this method we had in mind the dynamic of busy modern living. The lack of time that is a rare commodity.

In this programme you will learn many practical techniques that will help you align with your true self.

You will also learn how to work with your energy centres, starting by clearing them and enhancing them so that you regain the full strength and ownership of your own energy.

Furthermore, you will obtain useful techniques that will help you harness the power of your Unconscious mind.

You will learn powerful mind entering techniques that will help you be, live and act from your centre and in line with your true intentions.

You will discover how your thoughts and words can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

You will learn and explore how to differentiate between thoughts and emotions and identifying the key factors that influence your energy and personal alignment.

In this training programme, we teach each technique in detail and explain how to master it.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to choose how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract into your life spontaneously and with effortless ease.

Momentum Method™ is filled with useful techniques that will help you become a practical psychologist and a powerful co-creator of your own reality, offering you tools that will help you master your inner map of reality.

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