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Brussels May 2018
Elevate your life, your relationships and your career!


Whatever you are currently going through, Momentum Method will take your life to the next level!

We created Momentum Method because we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We went to seminars, we worked with some amazing teachers, we read books, watched videos, travelled all the way to Japan, America, Europe, put ourselves through hours of intensive trainings, and still there was something missing. On the surface we were doing all the right stuff, but weren’t getting the results we were after.

Most of the offerings were either focusing on business, relationships, career or entrepreneurship, or were totally new age and fluffy. And while some of them were great, they lacked a certain something. They failed to take into consideration that we were complex beings and as such one size fits all programmes do not work.

Enter 40 plus years of joint experience in the field of personal development, coaching, NLP, leadership, investment banking, entrepreneurship, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, breathwork, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais Method and Momentum Coaching Method is born!

Most of you have very likely gone through various trainings, changed countries, partners, jobs, careers, lifestyles, and are still stuck, lacking passion, joie de vivre, enthusiasm to move forward.

Momentum Method is holistically inspired, mindfully created and results oriented whilst being aligned with your highest intentions. It is different from other offerings, as it is based on years of implementing, experimenting and trying out what works and gives sustainable and long term results.

Momentum Method is not only about self-improvement, it is about learning to accept yourself, dig deep, uncover your potential, your hidden strengths, your inner support network, your internal GPS. It is about learning how to be your own guide, with your own power multiplied. It is about uncovering what’s been stopping you up until now to live your best life.

Much is gained when you learn the inner game of you: confidence, healthy radiant body, open and flexible mindset, ability to be focused on and follow through on your intentions, ability to communicate authentically and with integrity. It is about transformation that is rooted in effortless ease and grace – the gentle art of transformation.

Momentum Coaching Method is designed for those who want more from life, for those who want to hustle authentically and with integrity, for people who know and feel that this is their time and the need to step up and stand out from the crowd is bigger than ever, for those who believe they have what it takes to be a game changer, pattern disruptor, innovative unconventional thinker. For those who want to accomplish stuff, for those who want to live life fully, for those who are tired of waiting.

If you are tired of being stuck, running round in circles, setting goals, hoping, waiting for the next year, month, week, if you know NLP & Coaching but lack the HOW TO and the practical application that makes the actual difference, then Momentum Coaching Method is for you!


You will gain 9 days packed with useful practical techniques that will help you harness the power of your mind (Conscious and Unconscious mind). You will learn powerful mind centering techniques that will help you be, live and act from your centre and in line with your true intentions.

You will discover how your thoughts and words can contribute to your health and wellbeing. You will learn and explore how to differentiate between thoughts and emotions and identifying the key factors that influence your energy and personal alignment. In this training programme, we teach each technique in detail and show you how to use it in real life.

Momentum Coaching Method is filled with useful techniques that will help you become a practical psychologist and a powerful co-creator of your own reality, offering you tools that will help you master your inner map of reality. The whole programme is experiential and focuses on the practical application of the tools provided. There will be very little theory throughout the course, as our main focus is on your experience and your own personal transformation.

Please note that each module plays an integral part of the Momentum Method Coaching, and as such cannot be taken separately.

All participants will receive internationally accredited NLP & Momentum Coaching Method certificates.

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Module 1 – May 4 – 6, 2018

Harness the Power of your Mind (In this module, you will learn powerful NLP (classic and New Code NLP), Coaching, Leadership, Effective Communication techniques, to name just a few, that will help you use your mind effectively, communicate clearly and direct your attention to where it is needed so that you can achieve with ease.)

Module 2 – May 11 – 13, 2018

Emotional & Physical Body (In this module, you will get effective and gentle breathing techniques that connect mind and body, so that you can focus better and aim higher. Furthermore, you will experience mindful movements inspired by Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Mindfulness, Zen Buddhist Meditation, Thai Chi and Self-Hypnosis, that will help you reduce stress levels and drastically improve your overall wellbeing.)

Module 3 – May 18 – 20, 2018

Organic Integration – Honour Your Soul (In this module you will learn the art of self coaching, working with your energy centers, so that you can create the life you deserve and that is in alignment with your Soul. Furthermore, you will learn methods of meditation that are light years ahead of anything commonly taught, allowing you to reach meditative states that normally take years to attain, and to use these methods to enrich your life and dissolve problems and blocks that have stood in your way.)

Now think of your life as it is now…

Where you are now and where would you like to be? Now, fast forward to the end of May 2018…Momentum Coaching Method completed. You transformed! You with more clarity, focus, certainty, renewed zest for life, abundant energy to go after your dreams and make them your reality!

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See you in Brussels and remember that with Momentum, you are always gaining!

Lidija & Thomas