Popcorn for the Soul – Fall in Love with Yourself

“You’re beautiful
In every single way”
 – Christina Aguilera

YouAreBeautifulDear Friends,

This weekend we were invited to assist at a seminar delivered by a PhD in psychoneurology, a Tony Robbins’s master trainer, a university dean of coaching: Dr Connie Schottky. And needless to say we were honored to be present at a seminar of this magnitude, to get the opportunity, again and again, to witness what takes place in a high class, high quality seminar. And also to reflect on the differences between a seminar like this, high quality delivered by a master, and the low quality seminars that are expensive yet mediocre, delivered by self-proclaimed coaches who couldn’t coach a cat out of a wet paper bag.

The difference is HUGE! And boy are we lucky to get countless opportunities to model masters at their work! We are counting our blessings…

Walk your talk

Among many things the difference lies in style and delivery. Mainly because the self-proclaimed coaches are talking about what they themselves are incapable of delivering, mostly because they themselves are not living it. The master however is a coach to herself/himself. The master lives what she/he teaches. The master embodies her teachings as a life philosophy.

You see, in coaching and personal development, what matters is not adding new techniques, not shutting yourself from yourself, not changing and discarding parts of yourself, but rather upgrading yourself.

Making a better version of yourself, the version that is not afraid to go back to basics, to the core of what is you, not just a part of you, but rather the whole you! A version that asks questions, without judging, without criticizing. As things are neither good nor bad, they just are. And when you embody this and accept it, it is easier to make a step forward and start creating You!

One of the key distinctions that we’d like to point out,  is to avoid WORKING ON yourself, but rather WORKING WITH yourself, inviting all the parts of yourself to help create the real core transformation.

We are sure that you have most likely gone to seminars, read books and promised “miracles” that – after a week, and in some instances, after a day or two even, the initial enthusiasm has waned and you were back at square one, to your old behavioural patterns, disappointed and angry.

Despair not! You are not the only one ;-)!

In our journey of self-development and self-creation, we too have gone through the same or very similar processes, until we found teachers, trainers and mentors that share our values, that walk their talk and are the living examples of what’s possible.

So instead of torturing yourself by fighting or discarding parts of you that need to be changed, how about you spend some time checking in with yourself, your whole self, what works, what doesn’t work and what can be improved.

And without wanting to sound melodramatic, it is like Christina Aguilera says in her song, “You are beautiful in every single way…”, you ARE. You really are! Just allow that beauty you’ve been hiding from yourself to come out, and start living!

Have this thought in mind whenever you feel the urge to change or block a part of you!

Dedication to change

Change is a big thing and needs to come from the core of your being, and it has to be a loving change, an all embracing change. However change is not always easy, when in wanting to move on you create energy that is filled with unacceptance and despair and urgency. Another important fact to be aware of is that you yourself MUST be ready to change, MUST be committed to change, and not simply INTERESTED to change.

Being interested doesn’t create a change, but being committed does!

With this in mind may we invite you to start exploring parts of you that you have neglected or dismissed as unimportant and see how you can create your whole internal team that once upgraded will give you the best version of yourself! The version that everyone promises to you, and very few are ready to teach you how to get to it, and show you the steps, or offering you a light to ignite your inner fire! To start moving, to start gaining momentum, to help you make strategic choices, decisions.

Steps are simple, get back to basics, to the drawing board, if you like, put some motivational music that will help you get into action, and start creating you, your whole wholesome you, you that will impress you, you that you would want to fall in love with you! And if you would rather do that in a company of likeminded and committed individuals who like to take their lives to the next level, come join us at one of our motivational NLP seminars, and learn how to ignite your inner fire and let your light shine!

Your trainers on fire!

Lidija and Thomas

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Lidija Markovic Rosati – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Psychological Counsellor.

Thomas Björge – ITA NLP (International Trainers Academy of NLP) Accredited New Code and Classic Code NLP Trainer and Master Coach and Designer of New Code Game ‘Arrows’, to be featured in Dr. John Grinder’s upcoming book.