Popcorn for the Soul – A Little Spark of Madness

‘You are only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you are nothing!’ –Robin Williams

williamsHey Friends,

We hope you are well and thriving and enjoying this summer as much as we do!

It’s been a whirlwind of a month… With eight consecutive weeks of delivering NLP trainings in Belgrade, Nis, Brussels and London, we are finally ready to take a few days off and start planning our holidays, before we continue with more NLP work in Sweden, Spain and Serbia 🙂 !

But, before we do that, we wanted to ask you: When was the last time you allowed yourself, and felt safe to be you? You – without the pretense, you – without worrying about how the others will perceive you, you – without the fear of being judged, you – with your full authenticity in motion? You know, those moments when a little crazy idea pops into your head, and before you’ve even had a chance to welcome it and offer it a cup of tea :-), it was lost in the sea of small mental chatter spiced with fear and judgement…

During our trainings and seminars, we often hear people say that one of the main reasons for them attending the training is to learn to be themselves, to find freedom, to start living authentically, and to allow themselves to break away from the shackles that their environment has imposed, and they blindly accepted. To unleash their inner genius!

I understand their need for authenticity and congruity, as in order for them to learn how to be better NLP Practitioners, coaches, trainers, they first need to learn the art of self coaching, The art of feeling comfortable in their own skin with who they are and how they show up in the world.

In order to master the art of being you, a little spark of madness that we all have, needs to be cultivated, nurtured and nourished daily 🙂 ! Because, as Robin Williams said: ‘You are only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you are nothing!’ {Tweetable}

Recognize the sparks of inspiration

And it is precisely that little spark of madness that inspired us to take a group of our Brussels’ NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners to the Magritte Museum, where they took one part of their exams 🙂 ! We did warn you, that our teaching style is designed for the 21st century living and thriving, giving you the tools to evolve, explore and take your life to the next level…authentically and unapologetically 🙂

Why Magritte? And what does he have to do with NLP, we hear some of you say? Well, my friends, the answer is: “A lot!’

He was a genius artist, a creator and an explorer into how with our minds and with our thoughts we create different representations of reality. He explored the relationship between words and images, and ultimately how this influences the quality of our lives. He revolutionized art by doing something no one had done before, he followed his inner genius and became a giant among artists.

And isn’t it often the case, when you think of something you haven’t done before, something totally out of character, and you gear yourself up to do it, and a little voice in your head says: stop, don’t be silly it would never work…and you succumb to it, and give up?!

It is precisely this habit of listening to the ‘safe and little’ inner voice, that keeps many people play small. That many people are keeping busy by wanting to lose small, rather than wanting to win big!

The little spark of madness, that comes up with original ideas, is your friend, it is your Unconscious mind’s way of saying, step up, do something different, and watch your inner genius being unleashed!

What are your representations like?

One of Magritte’s famous paintings is of a pipe. Below it he painted the words “This is not a pipe.” – It is just a representation of a pipe! Magritte had clearly grasped the key NLP presupposition that the map is not the territory. 🙂

Our maps are super important. A lot of people feel stuck because of things that happened in the past. But it really isn’t the past that is imprisoning them – it is the way they represent it. The way they remember it and give it meaning. Once you realize it is just about the representations you can start looking for ways to be able to learn from it and remember it without feeling bad. This is what NLP is about.

And also of course, people often ask us how we represent the world? And how do we create our representations? How do we represent the stuff so we are inspired and motivated to get things done?

How do we represent different options in such a way that we are able to make really good decisions?  And how do we think in such a way that we live abundant, healthy and happy lives? The answer is – by allowing the little spark of madness to play full out, by listening to our Higher Self and by creating and drawing our own maps.

If you want to learn it, come join us and we will redraw the map together!

We wish you a wonderful week and send you oceans of love from sunny London!

Your redrawing-the-map trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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